Steven Battelle has followed his vision throughout life, with many twists and turns. Exposed to numerous cultures as a child, he gravitated to both the arts and sciences. After an unexpected journey to South East Asia in 1987, his initial career as a veterinarian of exotic animals radically diverged back into the world of art, and into jewelry design.

It was there he became fascinated with the imagery and ornamentation of the ancient cultures of Majapahit Java and pre-European Siam. Years later, he continues to utilize unusual stones and unique settings within a visual sense that combines both classical ancient motifs and modern minimalist design.  You can visit to see this work.  This latest project, Bali Wedding Bands, grew out of design requests from friends for wedding bands.  

Some couples are seeking something really special, out of the ordinary, for these significant pieces. The hope is that the designs in this endeavor might fill that need. He is assisted in these artistic explorations with his long-time partners, the artisans and people of Bali, without whose support and craftsmanship none of these objects of functional and timeless beauty would exist. After   25 years of traveling and working there, his connection with the people and culture of the island of Bali has grown even stronger since his marriage to Made Suparni in 2010.