We at Bali Wedding Band would like to make the ordering process as clear and as possible. You will find the answers to many of your questions here. Otherwise, please call us at USA 1 831 479-8849, Bali 62 361 4731611. 







If you do not see the answer to your question here, please ask us...


How do you set your pricing?

We have been in the jewelry manufacturing business for over 20 years, so we are efficient in what we do.  Realistically, our manufacturing costs in Bali, particularly for handmade work, are lower than in the US. We pass on these savings to you. When we set our pricing, the first factor is the cost of the metal.  Secondly, is the ring hand fabricated (put together) or is it cast from a single wax carving? Lastly, there are are some rings that require special skills (granulation, or wire applicae) which only some of our experienced goldsmiths can perform. We charge the minimum necessary to do the work. Unlike many companies, we don´t charge a flat fee for a ring. Why should a size 5 ring (with half the metal cost), be that same as a size 11?  [back to top]

What if the cost of metal goes up or down?

All prices are set dynamically with the world prices of precious metal. We adjust the metal price frequently. On a day to day basis, you might see differences in the price of a particular ring.  Your price is locked when you order, or receive a quotation, depending on payment being received as expected.  If the payment for the quotation or order is not received within few days, and the price of metal goes up, we may not be able to maintain the pricing of the quote.

What are the metals available?

Depending on the style, particularly if its 2 metal combination, there are several possible metal types available.  Here´s a nutshell guide:

Silvadium: Our special alloy of silver containing both gold and palladium (one of the platimum group metals). It´s less dense (lighter) than Gold or Platinum. This alloy is harder than sterling silver, wears much better and is extremely tarnish resistant. A worthy and economical replacement for white gold or platinum.

18K Gold: a standard choice in USA, 75% gold alloyed with other metals (no nickel). It has a medium gold color, when brushed it becomes somewhat less deep in color. Moderately hard, takes a high polish well.

18K White Gold: 75% Gold mixed with palldium, silver  and other metals to produce white color. more heavy and harder than silver.  Not quite a full white, its a bit darker than platinum, sometimes rhodium plated (we don´t do this)

22K Gold: a standard in asia, 90% gold content, it is a deeper richer gold (more towards yellow orange color).  It is slightly softer. generally not good for high  polish. If doing fine granulation, we must do it in 22K. Because 22K gold is slightly softer, these rings may show wear over time.

Platinum: A very dense, heavy metal, color very white. It does not tarnish, is long wearing, and expensive.

Note: If you are allergic to nickel, none of our metals have nickel in them. Currently we do not offer 14K Gold or lower percentages of gold. All our rings are solid gold, platinum, are stamped with either .925, 22K, 18K, PLAT, as per industry standard to indicate the purity of the metal.  [back to top]

Do you do custom designs?

Custom designs are much easier and better to do in person, so that waxes and progress can be checked in person before a final piece is finished. It´s difficult to work remotely by email. So although we don´t normally accept completely new designs, we do welcome modifications to existing designs. If accepted these will generally incur a $100 per ring charge in addition to normal pricing. Please don´t inquire unless you have quite a bit of time (2 months) before your bands need to be completed. We don´t want to either disappoint you, or put oursleves in a stressful situation.  You are welcome to email our sales department with as specific a request as possible.[back to top]


How long will the order take to produce?

When you select an item and go to the product details page it will indicate the average production time for that item. Usually we can complete a ring within 2-3 weeks. We are subject to both Balinese and Indonesian Holidays. Once finished, we typically ship to our USA office once weekly on Fridays, usually arriving in Soquel, CA, the following Tuesday. It can usually be shipped from Soquel that same day.  For USA orders we would recommend realistically a minimum 3 week lead time.  The last thing we want to do is cause additional stress to you pre-wedding, or be unable to fulfill what we said we would do. Note that there are (rarely) customs holds that are beyond our control. So in USA, if you have less than 3 weeks to wedding day, we recommend you work with a local jeweler or some other source for your wedding. For rings delivered in Bali, just ask us, we´ll give you a confirmed delivery date. No order is initiated until payment is received, so any delay in payment once we email you a quote will push back the projected delivery date accordingly.

Once you select your ring(s) and if you´ve got time (one month delivery is OK) please go ahead. Otherwise, we don´t ask for any payment information until we are able to take a look at your order, estimate realistically the delivery time and get back to you with a proforma invoice (confirmed price and delivery).  If we can meet your needs, only at that point will we give you payment instructions.  You will need to make payment within 2 days for us to maintain our delivery date.[back to top]

What would happen if my order was running late?

We will take responsibility for our side of the production of the ring(s).  If we didn´t do what we said we would do, then we´ll try to make it right. We cannot take responsibilty for any delays due to shipper issues, either in delays by DHL,UPS, or US customs in direct shipments to you, or delays in our weekly delivery from Bali to our office in USA via DHL. We will upgrade your internal USA shipping at no charge if our shipment to Soquel arrives late. Note that this is a very infrequent occurance (we have been making our weekly shipments for over 10 years, somewhere around 1% are delayed- usually slightly) [back to top]

What are my payment options?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express on our website. You can also use paypal. We accept Money Orders and Cashier’s checks from USA banks. We also accept bank wires. We don´t accept personal checks. Note that no order is started until payment is received and processed. To send a money order or cashier’s check for your order, print out your proforma invoice received by email and mail it together with the money order or cashier’s check to:

Bali Wedding Bands

2607 Main St

Soquel, CA 95073 [back to top]

How can I track the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by logging in to your account from our website. You will need to enter your email address and order number to find it. All information is updated daily. Once the order is shipped, you will also receive the tracking information for your order by email. [back to top]

If I send my package as a gift, will the recipient receive the invoice?

Yes. If you do not wish to have the invoice sent with the package, please email or call to speak with a customer service representative and your request will be added to your order. [back to top]

What is your privacy policy?

Bali Wedding Bands never share your information or email addresses with any third parties. If you are interested in receiving email specials from stevenbattelle.com it is an opt-in choice. [back to top]

Do you charge tax in USA?

Since our USA office is in California, we are required to charge sales tax (8%) for any CA customers.[back to top]


Where can I see / try on the styles?

You can visit our main office in Petitenget, or Maru Gallery in Seminyak for a fitting and to see samples. As we get more retailer partners see also the "where" button.[back to top]

Can you come to my hotel to show me?

We are planning on setting up a hotel visit sizing option, please call us in Bali

62 361 4731533 [back to top]

How does buying in Bali differ from normal?

Working in person with knowledgeable staff to select designs is always preferable. For our local Bali orders, we require only a partial deposit up front to initiate production. Also, because our production facilities are located here, we can produce rings with shorter turn-around.  Lastly, we can make sure that any sizing issues are dealt with promptly. If you are planning a wedding in Bali, please keep us in mind. [back to top]


Do you process international orders?

Yes, we ship worldwide. International Orders are shipped direct from Bali via DHL. Please make sure there is at least 3-4 weeks delivery time (from payment date) for any international orders. Payment can be made on our website with credit card (delivery address must match billing address) or paypal. Once shipped, a tracking number is emailed.  Note that we cannot be responsible for any customs issues, delays, or extra charges imposed by any countrys customs departments. If a package cannot be delivered due to customs issues, but is returned to us, we provide a full refund. [back to top]

How long does the shipping take?

For the DHL direct from Bali option, typical times are around 4-5 days from ship date.

For normal USA shipping UPS ground is up to 5 business days, usually less.

2nd day and next day in the USA are reliably what they say.[back to top]

What are your shipping charges?

International direct from Bali via DHL is $40

Transhipped weekly to USA, then shipped in USA via UPS from our California Office

Ground (lower 48 states)  Free

2nd Day (also Hawaii, Alaska)   $15

Next Day  $20

USPS $20

Do you ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses?

For Rush Orders, the direct shipping option is recommended. Orders being shipped to PO Boxes and APO addresses will be shipped by USPS 

You will receive an email with your tracking number once your order has shipped. [back to top]


How do I know what size to order?

If you know your ring size in one of the non-USA formats, please access the ring size chart to determine the USA equivalent size.  Alternately, you may choose to go to a jeweler to have your finger sized. Please note that different jewelers use different tools for measuring ring sizes. You should go to several different jewelers to get a better idea of your ring size. Its also important, if ordering a wider band to try sizes with a wide band as well. Please be aware that most of our rings are approximately 2mm thick (this is not thin), and are "comfort fit" meaning the edge of the band is slightly rounded.  [back to top]

I had my finger sized by a local jeweler but the ring I received does not fit. 

Unfortunately, Different jewelers use different tools to measure rings. One jewelers size 8 might not exactly match our size 8. [back to top]

What if I ordered the wrong size?

If the ring is slightly small, it may be able to be stretched up to one size larger. You may wish to bring it to a local jeweler, or you can send it back to us with instructions.

If it is too big, depending on style, we (probably) will not be able to size down, and a new ring will need to be made.  If the ring does not have continuous design around, and some asymetry is acceptable, then the ring could be laser sized down by your local jeweler. If it can´t be resized, the charges depend on whether the ring was cast or handmade.

1. Handmade: Once we receive the returned ring - we will make another according to your adjusted size description. We charge $100 labor charge to create another one. Since we do not "carry stock" the last ring may need to be melted.

2.  Cast: Once we receive the returned ring - we will make another according to your adjusted size description. We charge a $50 labor charge.

Send an RMA form with all information including the new size that you need. The new rings will have the same special options (such as engraving and surface finish) as the original order. [back to top]

What if I want to change the finish on a ring?

It´s very simple to go from a satin finish to high polish, any jeweler can do this for you, or we can do it. Going from high polish to satin is also possible, we can give instruction to your jeweler how we do it, or we can do it. What cannot be done is going back to a smooth shiny finish from any of the hammered finishes - this is not possible. If you send us the ring, and we can do it, changing the finish is complimentary. [back to top]


Can I cancel an order once I´ve paid?

Yes, we will give you a full refund via your credit card, if we haven´t actually either cast the ring, or begun working on a handmade ring. If the ring is actually in progress (with the goldsmith) then we will refund you your charges minus $150 per ring. [back to top]

How long does it take to process my exchange?

Normally we won´t begin production of your replacement, until we receive the return [back to top]

What happens if I don’t like (or no longer need) the ring(s) I just received?

Our primary goal is your satisfaction.  If, within 30 days after you receive your ring, and we have worked with you over any sizing issues etc, you just don´t like it, or don´t want it for whatever reason, we will give you instructions to return it to either our USA or Bali office. Once returned, we will credit you via your credit card a refund minus $150 per ring labor and melting charge.

Send the ring you want to return or exchange with the completed Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form to:

Bali Wedding Bands – Return Dept. 

RMA # _____________

2607 Main St

Soquel, CA 95073 USA

Make sure that the merchandise sent for return or exchange is postmarked within 30 days from the date the order was received. Be sure to insure the item for the full amount of the purchase price and send it through a trackable carrier such as FedEx or UPS. Please also write your RMA number on the outside of the package. [back to top]

When will my credit card be refunded?

If we´re giving you a refund, we´ll do it promptly within a few days of receiving the returns. [back to top]

What happens if my package is lost?

All of our orders are insured and shipped with DHL, UPS or USPS. Once a package has been shipped an email is sent with the tracking number. Please contact us immediately if you have not received your package by the scheduled delivery date. We will help you to initiate an investigation and work with you to get you the ring you ordered as soon as possible. [back to top]

What happens if I lose my ring sometime in the future?

If that unfortunate event occurs, we´d like to make ordering another ring as painless as possible.  Bali Wedding Bands will replace a lost ring at a 30% discount to current pricing.  Note: For matching our handmade rings, we usually make the set of rings at the same time by the same goldsmith. There are individual differences in all handmade rings.  If possible, we will produce a replacement with the same goldsmith who made your original ring, but any slight variabilty (matching) to the remaining ring of the original set will have to be accepted.  As we sometimes say, "This is an art, not a science" [back to top] 


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